About UConn Nursing in Belgium

Undergraduate students from the School of Nursing have the opportunity to complete their clinical studies by working with End-of-Life Care.

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This program is designed to be part of the Nursing Capstone Practicum (NURS 4292). The two week intensive course is sponsored by the University College of Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent, Belgium. The aim of the program is to offer higher education on chronic and end-of-life care from an international, intercultural, and innovative perspective. Students and faculty from seven countries will participate in the program and English is the common language.

The Academics

Lectures and hands-on sessions focus on complementary care, spiritual and existential pain, pain and symptom control, end-of-life decisions, communications skills and ethical decision marking. The students present group projects regarding their site visits to palliative care units, hospitals and other patient care sites.

The Experience

Students will spend several nights in the Ghent Youth Hostel. The rest of the stay will be in a dormitory in Destelheide, Dworp with the other program participants. Some meals will be covered by your fees for the program. There will also be time for sightseeing and historical site visits throughout the duration of the program.

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